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About Us

Our company is based in Jacksonville, NC and owner operated.  We are available to all states for inspections, maintenance, policy and procedure writing, along with setting up Preventative Maintenance programs for companies and for corporate wide use.

About Inspections

Our Inspections Include:

 -inventory of all devices

-pictures of all the devices we inventory

-complete visual inspection of all devices

-inspection of monorails at crane/hoist location

-identify load limits

-inspect crane/hoist oil level

-inspect crane/hoist exterior casing

-operational inspection of safety devices, upper & lower limit switches and rail stops 

-inspection of crane structure

-visual inspection of chains, wire ropes and slings

-inspect external electrical wiring and control pendant

-inspect upper and lower hook for saddle wear, throat clearance, distortion and mechanical integrity

-inspect upper attachment points (wheel assembly)

-non-destructively test lower lift hook (magnetic particle inspection)