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January's here are your inspections due?

Posted by underthehook on January 31, 2010 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Okay guys!  January is here! Are your inspections comig due? Please call for an estimate, check on updating an estimate already provided or to schedule inspections.I am available to come to your facility to meet with you, do walk trhroughs and answer questions by phone, email or in person.Our new main number and fax number is336-998-0198.  My mobile number is 336-428-0887 and my email [email protected]  Feel free to call or email me with questions,request for estimates or website matters.Thanks,Have a safe and happy day!Cindy MedcalfOwner/Operations Manager

Why is scheduling inspections so hard?

Posted by underthehook on January 25, 2009 at 6:11 PM Comments comments (0)

So, why is scheduling inspections so hard?  I ask myself and Tim, our Senior Inspector this question.  Steel mill scheduling is like pulling teeth.  I understand shut down and the need to not interrupt production, which we try never to do.  But, these other manufacturers of misc.???  Who doesn't know they need inspections?  Who doesn't know that inspections are required...not just by law, but in order to continue safe use of all your devices? 

I know most understand the needs and requirements.  So, I am thinking budgets, shut downs, etc are the only thing holding things up. 

Just to set things straight on shut downs:  we don't require shut downs to do inspections and we almost never interrupt production.  This is one of our promises to our customers, to not stop or slow down production. 

As the economy picks up, as President Obama smooths out America, I'm sure budget and some other hold ups will change, too.

I look forward to all your comments here.  Also, please check out our forums, join and comment there, too.  We are excited to offer expert information pertinent to all your lifting devices.

Have a safe and happy day!:)